Iran Ranks 6th Worldwide in Car Manufacturing Growth

iran car plant

Iran has been ranked 6th in the world for vehicle manufacturing growth in 2022 by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (often known as OICA). According to figures from the OICA, Iran’s production of automobiles climbed by 19% in 2022 with 1.064 million vehicles produced, up from 894,000 units in 2021.

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At 16th place, Iran now ranks above industrialized nations like the UK, Russia, and the Czech Republic, according to the OICA survey, after moving up 3 spots from the previous year among the top automakers worldwide. According to the OICA ranking of the world’s top automakers for 2021, Iran was placed at 19th place. According to the OICA data, more than 85 million cars were produced worldwide in 2022, indicating a 6% growth compared to 2021.

iran car plant

Overall, Iranian automakers produced 1,347,394 vehicles in the previous Iranian calendar year 1401, which concluded on March 20. This is a 39% increase in car production in Iran. A 35% year-over-year increase was recorded in the production of passenger cars (sedans, crossovers, hatchbacks, etc.), which totaled 1,182,078 in the previous year.

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The majority of the output in the previous year was made up of vans, with 125,507 vans being produced, representing a growth of 56%. Around 34,136 trucks were produced in the last year, a 150% increase. Bus production increased by 88% and 11% to 1,391 minibusses and 1,118 medium buses, respectively. Also, the production of motorbikes increased by 61.2% year over year to roughly 450,00 units in the preceding year.

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