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Peugeot Unveils the 2008 Facelift

Over the past few years, Peugeot has relied heavily on sales of the 2008 model. It consistently ranks in the top three best-selling B-segment subcompact SUVs in Europe; in 2021, it topped the segment and was the fifth most popular

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59% NEVs of the World Were Sold in China in Q1, 2023

China continues to dominate the NEV sector. NEV is a term used to represent Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs or simply EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in the Chinese market. In a recently published piece, Cui Dongshu, the Secretary

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MG Begins Construction of EV Battery Plant in Thailand

SAIC Motor-CP was founded to manufacture and distribute MG vehicles in Thailand and other ASEAN nations. With a 500 million baht investment budget, the strategy underlines the company’s aim as Thailand’s pioneer and leader in electric vehicles. The factory is

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Another Production Shutdown Announced by Toyota IMC

Indus Motor Company (IMC), the assemblers of Toyota cars in Pakistan, declared yet another round of non-production days (NPDs) in May 2023 due to ongoing operational issues. The company notified the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) that the automobile assembly plant

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